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Oble announces “The Plague” (aka “La Peste”) distribution deal at Canneseries.

April 16th, 2023

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Oble, Paris-based drama producer and distributor, has announced that it will be distributing the modern adaptation of the masterpiece The Plague by Albert Camus, written by Georges-Marc Benamou (author and showrunner) and adapted by Gilles Taurand (César Award for Best Screenplay), produced by Siècle Productions (Voltaire in Love). This high-end prime time miniseries (4x52’) for the major public French broadcaster France 2 will start its shooting in the glamourous, contrasted and cinematographic South of France on April 17.

The Plague is a timeless masterpiece that explores the themes of human suffering, resilience, but also much more than that. It deals with hope in the face of adversity, with love and solidarity when calamity comes.

Siècle Productions has brought a vigorous perspective to this classic tale, making it relevant and relatable to today’s viewers. If the Plague by Albert Camus represents an allegory of the “brown plague” of Nazism in the 1940s, the series takes place in 2029, in a slightly dystopian future with a captivating Mediterranean backdrop. Having barely emerged from successive waves of Covid, a seaside town is gripped by an even more terrible virus: a new variant of the historic plague bacterium, named “YP2”. Denial and chaos will follow among the population and politicians.


Antoine Garceau, known for his work on Call my Agent on Netflix and this year's highly awaited Greek Salad on Amazon Prime, will be directing the series.

The cast features Frédéric Pierrot, the icon of the successful En Thérapie/In Treatment who will star as Dr Rieux, this rebel hero who risks his life to fight the plague virus, Hugo Becker (Osmosis, Gossip Girl, A Very Secret Service) as Sylvain Rambert, a journalist torn between love and duty, Sofia Essaïdi (Women at War, Overdose) as Laurence Molinier, the whistleblower, Judith Chemla (Simone Veil, A Woman of a Century) as Lucie Ferrieres, pianist and fighter, and Johan Heldenbergh (Alabama Monroe) as Jean Tarrou, Dr Rieux’s enigmatic ally in the tumult.


"We are proud to partner with Siècle Productions on such an impactful project. All major issues discussed in everyone’s daily lives will be pictured: racism, homophobia, climate change and also cleaving themes like eugenics and Big-Brother type surveillance.” said Katia Sol, co-founder, Oble.


In France, the series is scheduled to air on FRANCE 2. Discussions are underway regarding further territories.

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