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The Plague

2029. As a new plague spreads on the French Riviera, a strict lockdown is enforced by the government, the first step to a mysterious “plan D”. A system of smart cameras is put in place in the city and threatens the citizens’ freedom.

At the heart of the storm, Professor Rieux, a dedicated doctor, does his best to save the lives of innocent victims from the plague, who are abandoned by the government. He stands up with activists.

And as tensions rise, each will reveal their true nature. Police officers will run, politicians will take advantage or stay in denial, and some, like Rieux, will fight as rebel heroes.


Genre: Dystopian Drama

Format: 4x52' 
Director: Antoine Garceau

Written by Gilles Taurand and Georges-Marc Benamou

Produced by Siècle Productions, Arezzo Films

Original broadcaster: France Télévisions

Production year: 2023

Country of origin: France

Cast: Frédéric Pierrot, Hugo Becker, Sofia Essaïdi, Judith Chemla, Johan Heldenbergh

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