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Three Women
Three Women

Based on the biographies, the cultural and civic intervention of the poetess Natalia Correia, the publisher Snu Abecassis and the journalist Vera Lagoa (pseudonym of Maria Armanda), Three Women depicts the last year of the Estado Novo (Portuguese dictatorship regime), between 1961 and 1973, from the beginning of the Colonial War to the eve of the April Revolution. The actions and the crossed roads of these 3 women stand as an example of courage and commitment with days to come.


Genre: Period drama, based on true events

Format: Seasons 1 & 2 - 23x45'

DirectorFernando Vendrell

Written by Fátima RibeiroLuís Alvarães

Produced by David & Golias, RTP

Original broadcaster: RTP1

Production year: 2018, 2022

Country of origin: Portugal

CastSoraia Chaves, Maria João Bastos, Victória Guerra

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