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The Firebrands

Early 70s': the hippie wave hits the Swiss countryside.

Lulu and Joe, two teenagers full of ideals stepping gently into adult life, have their world shaken up when Chiara, daughter of Italian immigrants, moves in their village.

The three of them share the same dream – build a world of freedom and equality, where no one is left behind.

We will live through their lives over 40 years and witness how they will build a pioneering shelter for drug addicts. This shelter would be a place to experience a different kind of life and invent oneself a family.

This series tells the intimate story of those who act for a new kind of society. The Firebrands is more than a family saga, it is a community saga.


Genre: Drama

Format: 5x52' + 50' documentary
Director: Delphine Lehericey

Written by Joanne Giger, Aurélie Champagne, Olivier Volpi, Delphine Lehericey and Camille Rebetez.

Produced by Box Productions, Entre Chien et Loup

Original broadcaster: RTS

Production year: 2022

Country of origin: Switzerland

Cast: Thomas Blanchard, Thibaut Evrard, Maya Sansa, Cyril Metzger, Fotinì Peluso

Selected at the Festival de la Fiction in La Rochelle

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