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Son Of Mine
Son of Mine

Son Of Mine chronicles the fall of Jacob, an 18-year-old college student whose behaviors become increasingly strange until the feared diagnosis is announced: schizophrenia. His mother Marielle, strong and determined, calls on all her external and internal resources to help her son. She will fight against everything: fate, prejudices, lack of resources and support, inconsistencies in the health system, gradual rejection of those around them.


Genre: Family drama

Format: 6x45'

DirectorMariloup Wolfe

Created by Anne BoyerMichel d’Astous

Produced by Duo Productions

Original broadcaster: TVA, Club Illico

Production year: 2020

Country of origin: Canada

CastÉlise Guilbault, Antoine L'Écuyer, Patrice Godin

Short-listed at the 2021 Berlinale's Series Market Selects

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