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No Return: Survival
NR Survival.png

During a forced stay in the countryside, Detective Juliette Michaud’s husband Thomas spends too much time spying on their neighbors, a group of thirty-somethings living on a farm. Immersed in the details of their life, Thomas gradually becomes convinced that a deadly game is being played before his eyes. Is one of the neighbors missing? Who is the stranger lurking near the group? Detective Michaud, annoyed by Thomas’s obsessive interest in the neighbors, refuses to be drawn into his wild ideas. She’ll come to regret it.


Genre: Thriller

Format: 6x52'
Director: Rafaël Ouellet

Written by Annie Piérard, Bernard Dansereau, Étienne Piérard-Dansereau

Produced by Sphère Media

Original broadcaster: Noovo, Crave

Production year: 2023

Country of origin: Canada

CastAnick Lemay, Sophie NélisseRosemarie Perreault, Anglesh Major, Charles Aubey-HoudeJean-Nicolas Verreault, Nahéma Ricci, Simon Landry-Désy

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