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No Return

A helicopter carrying the seven guests of a billionaire is forced into an emergency landing. The passengers take refuge in a remote cottage. As days go by, their questionable pasts resurface one by one and mysterious accidents start to happen. Someone seems determined to carry out the sentence that no judge would have pronounced…

This dark and twisted whodunnit sheds a light on the thin line between morality and legality. While the guests are at their tormentor's mercy, a police investigation turns into a race against time to find the missing guests... before it's all too late.


Genre: Thriller

Format: 6x52'
Director: Yan Lanouette Turgeon

Written by Annie Piérard, Bernard Dansereau, Étienne Piérard-Dansereau

Produced by Sphère Media

Original broadcaster: Noovo, Crave

Production year: 2022

Country of origin: Canada

CastAnick Lemay, Marc Beaupré, Eric Bruneau, Luc PicardCaroline DhavernasRémi-Pierre Paquin

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