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When King of High School and all-around-party animal Nikau is outed, we witness his social downfall, from cool guy to social outcast.

Forced to find a new group of friends, each of whom have been ‘othered’ by smalltown New Zealand and find escape online, Nikau and his group of freakish friends must traverse the complicated world of high school (and the internet) in the pursuit of love, friendship, independence, and the confidence to be their true selves.

n00b follows five Kiwi teenagers, who use the internet to dream of more exciting lives…far away from their depressing realities.


Genre: YA comedy

Format: 6x30'
Director: Victoria Boult, Josh Frizzell

Written by Victoria Boult, Rachel Fawcett, Daryl Wong

Produced by Great Southern Television

Original broadcaster: Warner Bros. Discovery (TV3)

Production year: 2024

Country of origin: New Zealand

Cast: Max Crean, Jaxson Cook, Shervonne Grierson, James Sexton, Felicia To'a

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