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Life Goes On
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Juggling her role as mother, daughter, wife and friend, heavily-pregnant Valeria is about to make history as a pediatric surgeon. But when she suffers a sudden stroke, the life of those around her is turned upside down and the family unravels under the watchful eyes of her 7 year-old son Lucas. The week before, this almost functional family navigated through life, facing challenges as superficial as existential. Ex-athlete and husband Diego worries about Valeria and their soon-to-be-born baby. Her lifelong friend and musical prodigy Jean has lost inspiration. Valeria’s tormented poet brother Vincent is dealing with stage fright, while their aging father feels more and more confused. As life goes on, each will soon have to address more essential questions - and in the process, grow up.

Life Goes On is a heartwarming family drama with a modern superwoman at its heart. Its intimate yet universal themes and endearing characters brighten up the genre.


Genre: Family Drama

Format: 6x45'
Directors: Klaudia ReynickeKristina Wagenbauer

Written by Frédéric Recrosio

Produced by Point Prod

Original broadcaster: RTS

Production year: 2022

Country of origin: Switzerland

Cast: Audrey Dana, Alexis Loret, Carlos Leal, Remo Girone

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