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Oble Teams Up with Great Southern Television on Psychological Thriller Series "The Ridge", selected at MIA Market in Rome

October 5th, 2023

THE RIDGE_Series Artwork_MIA.png

Paris-based studio and international distributor Oble is happy to announce its partnership with Great Southern Television, the multi-award-winning Auckland-based (New Zealand) producer behind the hit series "One Lane Bridge," and Sinner Films in Scotland on their upcoming thriller "The Ridge".

Oble joins as co-producer and international distributor. The series has just been selected among 500 projects to feature at the next edition of MIA Market’s Drama Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum.

The 6x52 "psychological thriller created by BAFTA Scotland winner David Murdoch (Sinner Films) and Nora Chassler, and co-written by Alan Campbell and Jess Sayer, is commissioned by Sky Originals New Zealand and BBC Scotland.


Running from Scotland and facing charges of professional misconduct caused by her fentanyl addiction, Mia answers her estranged sister Cassy's invitation to her wedding and flees to New Zealand"s ominous mountains. But when Cassy"s body is found in a crevasse and doubt starts to creep in on the circumstances of her death, Mia must dive into her sister"s intimacy to discover what really happened on the mountain ridge. For Mia, that means unraveling the puzzle of her own troubled past and facing her inner demons.

While a mysterious presence looms over the mountains, she finds comfort in Cassy's fiancé Ewan and soon develops a forbidden attraction towards him. As she"s drawn into the community"s raging war between environmentalists and farmers, Mia soon learns about Cassy"s involvement in the town"s turmoil and the extreme lengths her and Ewan were willing to go to. Can Mia trust him and those around her to discover what happened to her sister? But most importantly, can she trust herself?


Thomas Robins, Head of Sky Originals NZ, is hugely supportive of the project. "We are super excited at the opportunity to showcase our fabulous local talent and unique stories to a global audience. It's been a joy to put together such an amazing writers' room between such incredible UK and NZ writing talents. Having GSTV and Oble at the helm of this special series creates a truly wonderful package.”


Philip Smith, CEO of Great Southern Television, said, "we are thrilled to collaborate with a partner as dedicated as Oble. The Ridge is a singular, character-driven series that sits in the sub-genre of thrillers like Sharp Objects, Top of the Lake and The Undoing, gradually turning the screw of gnawing suspense. We cannot wait for audiences to meet and root for the ambivalent, unreliable anti-hero that is Mia, and dive into her mysterious and compelling story.”


BBC Scotland scripted Commissioning Executive Gavin Smith adds “we are delighted to be partnering on this adventure with Sky NZ and Oble. BBC Scotland is always open to collaborating on projects that are ambitious in scale when it comes to Scottish portrayal and this gripping story of suspense, where trust is hard to come by, is one we believe will intrigue audiences all over the world.”


Oble's co-founder Katia Sol added: "The Ridge stands out as a unique series that combines captivating characters, breathtaking landscapes, and an enthralling narrative. Moreover, it delves into current environmental concerns and urgent queries, exploring the delicate balance between agricultural practices and the preservation of our natural surroundings. We are thrilled to collaborate with Great Southern Television to contribute to the realization of this compelling tale.” Philip Smith and Katia Sol will pitch the project in Rome during MIA Market, which takes place Oct. 9-13.


A series co-produced by Oble, Great Southern Television and Sinner Films for Sky New Zealand and BBC Scotland

Writers: Alan Campbell, Nora Chassler, David Murdoch, Jess Sayer

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