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Winter Palace, the new TV series dedicated to the birth of winter tourism

September 5th, 2023

Netflix and RTS’s first co-production Winter Palace will be released in late 2024. The 8x45’ series developed by Point Prod and Oble Studios will take audiences on a journey to the late 19th century, as a Swiss hotelier and a British aristocrat team up to give birth to winter tourism. Production will start in the Swiss Alps in October 2023.

Bringing the Best of Fiction

Developed by Point Prod, Oble Studios, and RTS, based on Swiss producer Jean-Marc Fröhle’s original idea, Winter Palace is a period drama written by British screenwriter Lindsay Shapero, and directed by screenwriter Pierre Monnard.

The series marks the first collaboration between RTS and a streaming platform.

According to Françoise Mayor, Head of Fiction and Documentaries at RTS, the ambition of this fiction required a particularly strong co-producer: “The support of Netflix makes the production of this Swiss initiative possible, and it will soon shine worldwide, to the delight of both our audience and this new international player in the Swiss audiovisual industry.”

Thanks to this partnership, Swiss viewers will have exclusive access to the series on RTS 1 and Play Suisse before it becomes available to Netflix subscribers in Switzerland and the rest of the world.


“We are thrilled to announce that shooting will start in October 2023 and will end in March 2024”, says Point Prod’s producer, Jean-Marc Fröhle. “Having just secured the perfect shooting locations, we are excited about the breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary places that viewers will get to discover. Winter Palace is a grand period drama with a very modern writing style crafted by the talented Lindsay Shapero. Casting is currently underway in Switzerland, France and the UK, as the series will be shot both in English and French.”


Hugo Brisbois, producer - president & co-founder at Oble comments “We are incredibly thankful to have Netflix and RTS as our esteemed partners for this extraordinary project, Winter Palace. This captivating series transcends boundaries, seamlessly weaving together cross-cultural elements that will resonate on a global scale. Winter Palace represents a significant milestone in Oble's remarkable journey into production.”


Lydia Kali, producer at Oble, adds “Winter Palace is not only an awe-inspiring postcard of snowy Switzerland, it is also an audacious tale, with strong resonance to our today society. We really enjoyed working with a female writer such as Lindsay Shapero, who crafted a story full of vibrant characters and empowered women!”


Winter Palace, a lavish period drama

The Swiss Alps, 1899. André Morel, a young and ambitious hotelier has a daring vision: the very first five-star Alpine palace that will stay open throughout the winter season. With his partner Lord Fairfax, a wealthy aristocrat, he'll have to overcome the hostile climate, demanding clientele and uncooperative staff to rise to the challenge of this risky venture.


Inspired by true events, Winter Palace depicts the birth of luxury alpine tourism and winter sports holidays. It combines a bold period drama with compelling, character-driven stories full of hidden desires, ambitions and love.


A series co-produced by Point Prod, Oble Studios, RTS and Netflix

Director: Pierre Monnard

Screenplay: Lindsay Shapero

Release: Late 2024 on TV channel RTS 1 and Play Suisse, and then on Netflix

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