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When the whole world is craving to travel, Heads or Tails leads the way to Spain!

September 28, 2020

Oble teams up with Teen Spirit to license the long-running travel show in Spain. The successful travel format has been broadcast in Ukraine and Russia since 2012 and created a great social phenomenon. Unicorn will make its first Spanish adaptation.

In every episode, before discovering a wonderful holiday location, 2 hosts have to toss a coin to decide who will enjoy unlimited budget top travel and who will live under $100 for the next 3 days…

Victor Garcia Martin, Chief creative Officer at Unicorn says “In this difficult time for tourism, Heads or Tails shows that traveling is not only possible, but it’s also worthy. The first Spanish adaptation unveils the best economic and luxury travel plans in the beautiful region of Valencia, in a safe, original and entertaining way.”

Svitlana Kropyvnytska Patsalou, Director of Teenspirit Ventures LTD,  says "We are thrilled to see our project landing in Valencia, which is widely known for its rich and various spots from most tourists. The viewers will be lucky to see how the region of Valencia has changed recently and what experiences it can offer to travelers:  routes, encounters and great emotions, through a duo of hosts whose fates will be decided by tossing a coin. Well, Heads or Tails?."

The Spanish version called “Cara o Creu” is set to be broadcast on A Punt by the end of 2020 with 8 episodes, supported by the local tourism board.


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