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Oble Closes its first deal with Viu for its International Hit Series The Outbreak

January 18, 2021

Oble has revealed its latest partnership with Viu Middle East to launch the international hit series The Outbreak.

Produced before the world spread of COVID-19, The Outbreak is a medical drama about coronavirus, which disconcertingly predicted what would happen globally in the next few months just after its original broadcast in January 2020, on TVA in French speaking Canada.

Thanks to the well-done research work and realistic acting, The Outbreak is not a typical disaster thriller, but true reflection on how medical workers would fight and lead us through a pandemic. No wonder it easily catches the attention from the international broadcasters.

Oble sealed the distribution and sold it to Start in Russia, TV2 in Hungary and several other broadcasters around the world. Viu Middle East is the latest deal for the series.


Hugo, co-founder of Oble says, “We're thrilled to make this first partnership with Viu in the Middle East, and we are sure that the series will resonate with their audience. The Outbreak continues to be one of our most in-demand properties, a hugely valuable asset for channels and platforms looking to treat the pandemic through a different genre, enabling their viewers to immerse themselves in the world of the scientists fighting against the virus”.

Viu is currently serving 16 markets and The Outbreak is the first French speaking drama that the platform has acquired.


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