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Oble closes first deal for predictive Canadian series The Outbreak

April 17, 2020

Oble announces first sale for The Outbreak, the Canadian disconcerting series relating the propagation of a dangerous coronavirus in the city of Montreal.

A first deal for the series was closed with Start, ( the Russian leading premium SVOD service. The platform launched the Russian dubbed version on the 15th of April.

The thriller series premiered on Canadian TV channel TVA in December 2019 and became the best performing series of the first quarter for the channel. Produced by Sphère Media, the series tells the story of Anne-Marie Leclerc, director of the Emergency Public Health Laboratory of Montreal, whose mission is to identify the causes of public health emergencies. When a mysterious virus suddenly appears within the Montreal population, Anne-Marie and her team find themselves on the front lines in a war against an epidemic that threatens many lives.

"The Outbreak is a disturbing story, a fascinating universe and above all, strong characters who fight for their lives and the others'. We are pleased that the strong qualities of the series got Start’s attention" - told Josée Vallée, executive producer.


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