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Oble takes 'Helsinki Crimes' global with Walter Presents, AMC Networks International Southern Europe, and SBS sales

July 12, 2022

Helsinki Crimes

Oble has inked debut international sales of ITV Studio Finland’s first series of contemporary Finnish detective series ‘Helsinki Crimes’, with Australia’s SBS On Demand, AMC Networks International’s SundanceTV channel in Spain and Walter Presents in Ireland and the UK, introducing viewers on opposite sides of the world to Timo Harjunpaa, Finland’s favourite detective.

Based on the best-selling novels of award-winning Finnish writer, Matti Yrjänä Joensuu, imaginatively modernised by ITV Studios Finland and co-produced with Oble, the 8 x 45’ glossy crime series has been a hit since its premiere on C More’s streaming service in February this year. Starring Olli Rahkonen as Detective Timo Harjunpaa, Helsinki Crimes captures the present-day vibrancy of Finland’s seaside capital in the summer, and the battle that Harjunpaa and his team have on their hands when a wave of serious crimes hits their city.

Harjunpaa is a perceptive policeman, he serves the black and white values of the law, whilst understanding – and even empathising with - all the shades of grey in human and criminal behaviour. He always tries to treat people, even criminals, with respect and he never compromises his own ethical code – but it doesn’t always go to plan.

Helsinki Crimes is not your traditional police procedural, Harri Virtanen’s interpretation of Joensuu’s novels have delivered an original, fresh detective series, both in terms of characters and setting, which has received a fantastic reception from viewers and critics alike since its premiere. Oble has an excellent track record introducing premium drama to global audiences and has again hit the ground running, taking Harjunpaa and his team to English, Australian and Spanish viewers.”, said Pete Paavolainen, CEO of ITV Studios Finland.”

Helsinki Crimes’ is that rare gem of a first series, ITV Studios Finland has brilliantly updated a much-loved literary character to deliver a stylish, original take on the well-trodden path of episodic police and crime series. We’re delighted to have generated such international interest in the show since its debut, and to introduce both Timo Harjunpaa, and the series to viewers in UK, Ireland, Australia and Spain, with Walter Presents, SBS On Demand and AMC Networks International Southern Europe’s SundanceTV.”  Said Ekaterina Sol, Oble.

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