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Oble Secures Distribution Rights for New Zealand Series “n00b” and Extends Collaborations on Returning Successful Dramas

December 11th, 2023

Oble is thrilled to announce its latest acquisition of the distribution rights for the New Zealand series n00b. After the success of their highly engaging and binge-worthy TikTok series that conquered more than 1.5M viewers, NZ production company Great Southern Television has developed the 6x30’ comedy series for Warner Bros. Discovery, for ThreeNow and Three.

With a unique blend of humor and early-2000s nostalgia, n00b offers a fresh look at the rise of the internet in the lives of teenagers. In 2005, when King of High School and all-aroundparty animal Nikau is outed, we witness his social downfall, from cool guy to social outcast. Forced to find a new group of friends, each of whom have been ‘othered’ by smalltown New Zealand and find escape online, Nikau and his group of freakish peers must traverse the complicated world of high school (and the internet) in the pursuit of love, friendship, independence, and the confidence to be their true selves.

Created by Victoria Boult and Rachel Fawcett, the series will start production in January 2024, with Josh Frizzell (Under The Vines, The Brokenwood Mysteries) and Victoria Boult codirecting.

In addition to this thrilling acquisition, Oble is delighted to announce the renewal of its collaboration for international sales with both ITV Studios Finland and Sphère Media on new seasons of Helsinki Crimes and the Canadian mystery thriller No Return: Survival.

Renewed after a successful launch on CMore and MTV3 last year, Helsinki Crimes picks up where its first season left off, and follows Detective Timo Harjunpaa (Olli Rahkonen) and his partner Onerva (Olga Temonen) in their investigations in the Finnish Capital. The new season will have Harjunpaa face ever-timely social issues like gang violence, and chase a silent stalker and a love con-man. Adapted from the best-selling novels by acclaimed Finnish writer Matti Yrjana Joensuu, the 6x35’ season is written by Harri Vertanen and directed by Matti Kinnunen. Oble took the first season to Australia, the UK and Ireland, Spain, Portugal and on Netflix in Northern Europe, and now introduces the second season to the international market.

The French-Canadian mystery-thriller “Aller Simple : Survivre” returns for a 6-part second season. Internationally known as No Return, the series is penned by Annie Piérard, Bernard Dansereau, and Étienne Piérard Dansereau and premiered successfully on Bell Media's streaming platform Noovo on September 13th. Season 2 delves deeper into a captivating narrative as a group of young people move into a small farm to live self-sufficiently. Stuck at home and bored, their neighbor Thomas spends the day observing them and he soon becomes convinced that something tragic is happening right under his nose…

Oble is excited to present these three outstanding and multi-genre series to the international market.

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