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Gold Diggers has been acquired by Walter Presents in the UK

June 9, 2020

Gold Diggers -  the glamorous, crime drama set amongst Moscow’s oligarch-led high-society, has been acquired by Walter Presents in the UK. 


The series dives deep into the relationships between power, money and sex, the unbreakable threads tying Russian society’s elite together. A female cop penetrates this world whilst investigating a crime and, like others before her, is completely seduced by its sheer wealth and luxury. This glossy series is a glittering, addictive thriller with Matryoshka (Russian) Doll story lines – where there are many threads to the story, nothing is quite what it seems, and each story hides or leads into another.

Walter says: “Gold Diggers is a riveting Russia series about desire, manipulation and the corrupting power of money – a glamorous modern day Dynasty set amongst the rich and beautiful in contemporary Moscow. It’s a sassy, lavish and unmissable saga of lost innocence, sexual manipulation and greed, and unlike any Russian series I have ever seen before. A smash hit in its country of origin, with multiple seasons in development, this is a piece which will delight lovers of international drama around the world and I am delighted to be able to bring it to Walter Presents viewers in the UK.”          

The deal was handled by French distributor Oble.


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