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Oble takes 3 Women to the world, with a first landing on YLE in Finland

April 7, 2021

Oble and RTP are thrilled to announce a new partnership for the exclusive global distribution rights of RTP’s hit period drama 3 Women (13 x 45 min).

Produced by Portuguese studio David & Golias, 3 Women is based on the lives of writer Natália Correia, publisher Snu Abecassis, and journalist Vera Lagoa (the pseudonym of Maria Armanda Falcão) and their great contribution to culture and civil rights in Portugal. The series takes viewers through the last years of the Portuguese dictatorship, the 'Estado Novo', between 1961 and 1973, from the beginning of the Colonial War to the eve of the April 1974 Revolution.

The series depicts the story and crossed paths of these 3 Women – three icons of incredible courage and commitment to their country’s future. 3 Women who kept their word: build a revolution.


Following the amazing success of the 1st Season on RTP1, the Portuguese public broadcaster recently confirmed the commissioning of Season 2 with a programming planned in early 2022 on the channel.

Oble has already secured a first international sale of the series to YLE in Finland, who will premiere the show this Fall.

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