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Oble and AMC Networks Central Europe Collaborate for the Co-Development of Hungarian Series "Fata Morgana"

June 1st, 2023

Set in the early decades of the 20th century on the cursed plains of Hungary, the limited series is based on a legendary true story. As a radical response to the physical abuse inflicted by frustrated men on women, anti-hero Victoria decides to disguise herself as a man - the mysterious “Piperman” - and goes on a killing spree to avenge oppressed women. Is she a proto-feminist superhero or a despicable murderer? Maybe both?

“AMCNI CNE chose Fata Morgana from several other promising scripts because we believe that in addition to our locally developed series, there is a potential in scripted reality to further enrich the palette of our original productions. The story is a true Eastern wild romance with its implied horroristic nature, yet it tackles important questions in the field womanhood, stopping abuse, or taking responsibility. Although based on a true story from the beginning of the last century, it still has relevance for the today.”- added Katalin Radóczy, VP of Programing at AMCNI CNE.

Spearheaded by creative producer Csaba Toth, the project brings together a talented team of Hungarian creatives, including showrunner Gabor Harmi and co-writers Zsofi Ruttkay, Gyorgy Palfi, and Gabor Papp.

“We are thrilled to partner with Oble to bring this Hungarian tale to life” says creative producer Csaba Toth. “Like our main character, we aim at challenging conventions with this story and offering a grittier, more secretive, and darker take on the Western genre. With Fata Morgana, we want to create a captivating and thought-provoking series that pushes boundaries both visually and narratively”.

“Fata Morgana is the fascinating, deeply engaging story of a woman fighting a violent, patriarchal society”, says Lydia Kali, Oble. “Our anti-hero is an angel of vengeance that navigates between genders. A masculine woman and a feminine man. She’s a non-conformist that defies societal expectations and her moral duality will have viewers question their own definition of right and wrong.”

Fata Morgana has just been announced as a finalist in the Content Budapest Series Pitch 2023, and will be presented on June 27, 2023 by Lydia Kali and Csaba Toth in the Hungarian capital.

The production team is currently gathering financing partners to go further in the development of the story and bring this bold series to life.

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